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Simplistically drawn futuristic city with high buildings and flying cars

Are we ready to create the future?

At the recent Web Summit 2022 in Lisbon, one of the main topics of the forum was outlinedby its founder, Paddy Cosgrave. During the opening

A row of yellow smiling people and a one gray and sad under the magnifying glass

Improvisation During Online Presentation

“Evil” viewers should not be feared, but specifically sought (С) geralt/Pixabay Tips for those who have to deal with unexpected audience reactions. Both experienced speakers

Fritz Beinke «The juggler- a village fair»

What Is An Online Presentation?

The fight for the attention of an audience is an art, not a craft (С) Fritz Beinke «The juggler- a village fair» Do not rush

Andres Garcia Benitez, Carteles

Personal, 24/7 Webinars Already A Reality

Successful presentation = Increased sales (С) Andres Garcia Benitez/Carteles In terms of effectively warming up a lead, the ideal webinar is a personal one. It

Anton Pieck “Showcase of candy”

Roi4Presenter Is The Best Outreach Solution

Attracting the attention of the target audience has always been one of the most important secrets to success (С) ​​Anton Pieck “Showcase of candy” We