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Andres Garcia Benitez, Carteles

Personal, 24/7 Webinars Already A Reality

Successful presentation = Increased sales (С) Andres Garcia Benitez/Carteles In terms of effectively warming up a lead, the ideal webinar is a personal one. It

Anton Pieck “Showcase of candy”

Roi4Presenter Is The Best Outreach Solution

Attracting the attention of the target audience has always been one of the most important secrets to success (С) ​​Anton Pieck “Showcase of candy” We

George Dunlop – The Goldfish Seller
Inside Sales

Forget About Images – Make Presentations!

You can’t sell a product without a good presentation© George Dunlop – The Goldfish Seller One of the most amazing phenomena in modern, online sales 

A boy in a steampunk pair of glasses fixing an iron robot
Inside Sales

Presentations don’t sell, people do

People never became technophobes © WallpaperCave Once upon a time, science fiction writers predicted that machines would force people out of their trades, and that