Why are Avatars “Better” than Humans?

AI Avatar performing on stage demonstrating the future of AI in business and digital marketing

Discover 5 tasks that presentation creators and online content authors can delegate to virtual doubles, according to the Pitch Avatar ROI4Presenter team.

Among authors of articles dedicated to the practical use of artificial intelligence, a common sentiment is that humans are still superior to robots. Yes, we often echo this sentiment in our publications. The fear of the increasingly widespread implementation of AI, predicted by the brilliant Isaac Asimov, requires those who develop and promote AI solutions to conduct a kind of explanatory work.

However, if we look at the situation calmly and without emotion, we will see that there is no need to prove the superiority of humans over artificial intelligence. It’s like proving the superiority of a human over a car. Yes, a car is faster and stronger than a human. But does that make it better? No. It remains a tool, created by humans for humans. Thanks to their unique creative abilities, humans will always stand above machines. Therefore, people should not fear that smart programs and machines will take away their jobs. Instead, they should focus on learning to “drive” them to use their advantages for their benefit and chosen activity.

From this perspective, it seems more correct to analyze what part of the work a person can already confidently delegate to AI today, focusing on creativity. Let’s look at the possibilities of virtual hosts and doubles from this point of view. Not any specific one – we are not going to turn this text into an advertisement for Pitch Avatar. Maybe just a little:). Based on the functionality of our product and the study of competitors, we have created an average image of modern virtual doubles and their capabilities. What are their main advantages compared to humans from the point of view of presentation authors and other promoting and selling online content?

Avatars are Always in Perfect Shape and Mood

Every presenter, even the most experienced and professional, occasionally encounters a situation where work, as they say, “does not go.” For various reasons. As they say, “either you feel too bad, or too good.” So, avatars do not have bad moods, sudden family affairs, broken hearts, butterflies in the stomach, intoxication (and hangovers), unexpected calls from school, love at first sight, and other circumstances that knock them out of the working mood. They are always ready to work and will do it exactly as they are instructed.

Avatars Always Look Perfect

Which presenter has not had to conduct an event with a cold, red eyes from insomnia, without makeup (for professional work in front of the camera, makeup, by the way, is needed regardless of gender and age) or dressed in a hurry? The image of the avatar will not spoil any of these and many other reasons. It will always look great in the frame, its clothes will always be in order and it will not sneeze every minute and grab for paper napkins. It will always maintain a confident pose and with its appearance form a positive image of the brand as its creators imagine it.

Avatars Perfectly Voice-Over the Text

Let’s face it – few presenters have spent hundreds of hours mastering the art of public speaking. Mispronunciations, unclearly pronounced complex terms, inability to select the right emotion or intonation – all this is familiar, isn’t it? Not to mention that sometimes there just isn’t enough time to rehearse a beautiful but complex text. An avatar will voice the text without errors, with the intonations and emotions and in the places chosen and indicated by its creators. Even if the presenter is a master of live work – it’s better to save energy for answers to complex questions and comments, entrusting the voicing of the main text to the avatar.

Avatars Speak Foreign Languages Perfectly

What no presenter can do is speak “excellently” in dozens of foreign languages. But avatars can. And, accordingly, they can voice any online content in them.

Avatars React Perfectly Quickly to Simple Questions

Working with simple questions is one of the most tiring tasks for a presenter. Answering them many times, reacting to each view of online content, and doing it quickly, while the potential client has not cooled down – is a great example of routine, distracting from really interesting tasks. So, modern avatars based on AI will cope with this work no worse than a human. Especially if you help them a little and teach them basic standard answers to typical questions.

ai avatars performing on stage demonstrating

We would like to end this text with a small remark. Avatars allow the presenter to not just get an untiring virtual double or come up with a virtual host/co-host. With their help, you can get a real team of virtual presenters, thereby diversifying your online events and other content as much as possible – depending on goals, tasks, and circumstances. This team can include not only avatar hosts, but also avatar experts, avatar sellers, avatar support service, and many others. Inventing, constructing, and training specific avatars for specific tasks is a very creative and interesting job. Just for a person.


Good luck to everyone, successful presentations, and high incomes!

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