Why are chatbots and AI-based assistants needed in presentations?

They are needed for maximum personalization of answers to questions and other elements of online content and events.

For those who need more than a brief answer to the main question, we will elaborate a bit more.

Leads (and money) we lose

Let’s start with the obvious. It is not always possible to give each viewer as much attention as they need or want – in this case, it is one and the same. What’s more, let’s be honest – even with superficial and brief answers to questions that arise during the presentation, many viewers do not receive personalized answers. The host and speakers are simply forced to group and combine questions that are close in essence, minimizing each answer as much as possible. Otherwise, communication with viewers can stretch for hours. But such behavior is a direct contradiction of the personalization policy adhered to by most marketers and salespeople.

What does the lack of a direct and fast personalized response to a question in a chat mean? A high probability that a real opportunity to conclude a deal has been missed. According to statistics, about a quarter of all customers expect their questions to be answered within no more than two hours, while chatting increases the conversion rate by 82%. It is well known that a potential buyer is an impatient creature and does not like to wait. Instead, he turns to competitors and often chooses not the seller who offers the best conditions, but the one who responds first.

But, as we mentioned earlier, it is physically impossible to give each lead as much time and attention as necessary for the conclusion and execution of the deal, especially when they want it. This creates a paradoxical situation. We spend a lot of time and effort catching leads, but many of them are lost even before we start warming them up.

Robots that answer questions…

Many presenters and developers have racked their brains to fix this problem. For example, our team has created ROI4Presenter, which allows any presentation recording to be turned into a live broadcast at any time. Of course, this is only possible if the presenter, marketer, or seller using ROI4Presenter is available and can respond to a message that someone has started viewing their presentation. But it doesn’t always happen that way. Sleep, lunch, another meeting – there are many reasons that can prevent a potential customer from connecting to a presentation that interests them.

It is not surprising that many presenters, marketers, and salespeople become extremely nervous individuals, twitching at every message and almost crying after sleep or meetings over the number of questions they could not answer in a timely manner.

And here come the hardworking and tireless modern robots. The emergence of artificial intelligence based on large linguistic models (LLM), natural language processing (NLP), and machine learning (ML) has led to the creation of a whole range of tools that can help presenters solve the problem we have described.

Everything is simple – equip your online presentation with a specially trained AI-based chatbot, and it will communicate with the audience instead of us. At the same time, with each viewer separately and exactly when it is convenient for them. In other words, it doesn’t matter if your presentation is viewed live or in a recording. Its ability to promote and sell does not decrease. Of course, even a well-tuned and trained virtual AI interlocutor is not able to answer all questions and from time to time will call a person. But judging by the development of technology, this will happen less and less often. Predictions that at the beginning of this decade 80-90% of interactions between customers and brands will take place without human involvement have become a reality.

…and presenters.

However, no matter how difficult the task of communicating with a potential customer is, we are convinced that it is far from revealing the potential of AI in the field of promoting and selling online presentations. Today, a number of AI tools are capable of, for example, concluding deals, accepting payment, and giving orders to send goods. That is why we thought about the question: “Is it possible to create an AI assistant for a presenter who can not only communicate with the audience but also take on most of the presenter’s functions?” The answer to this was the appearance of our Pitch Avatar, which, among other things, can generate, translate, and voice texts, doing this with the help of virtual images of real people and fictional characters. And not all of its capabilities are limited to this.

In any case, whether you choose our products or select other tools, it is absolutely clear that successful creation and use of modern online presentations without AI-based solutions is impossible. Those who decide to work in an old-fashioned way will quickly find themselves in a position of swallowing dust, overtaken by their competitors.

Good luck to everyone, successful presentations, and high profits!

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